Why Free Advertising in coupon books is hot right now

There are many reasons why local business should participate in free advertising in the highly effective fundraising coupon books. Coupon books have proven to be overwhelmingly accepted by the public and the #1 fundraiser in the country. 

The obvious reason to contribute discount coupons to your local fundraising is to get more foot-traffic through your doors - or visits to your website. There are other, more subtle reasons why your coupon should be part of the next local coupon book fundraiser. 

Why offer discount coupons? 

There are benefits for offering discounts. You will be able to acquire more customers - and get existing customers to expand their purchases. With your coupon, you can target your repeat customers with even small discounts that will increase their loyalty. 

Old customers may come back!

Customers that you haven't seen in awhile may decide to come back for a visit when they can save a little on their purchases. It is common practice for customers to make additional purchases (at full price) when they are getting something at a discount. This practice allows you to gain back the cost of the discount. 

Have you ever wondered why pizza businesses almost always offer discount coupons? People expect them - and if they don't have one, chances are high they will take their business elsewhere. 

Impulse purchases. More store traffic results in additional revenue. When people save money on the items you have discounted, they are more likely to make impulse purchases. 

Public image

When you choose to participate in your local non-profit organization's fundraising efforts you are showing community support. Not only is this free advertising in an attractive, colorful book, but it will be purchased by others who are community minded. You want an image for your business that shows you care about the non-profit organizations in your locale. 

Easy to track

You can easily track the effectiveness of free advertising in coupon books. Merely keep track of the coupons redeemed and you can test out which offers are most successful. 


Free advertising in a non-profit organization coupon book is a win-win situation for all. You will gain new customers, reward repeat customers and gain new ones. You will also reap the benefits as being recognized as a supporter of your community's non-profit organizations.