Why Coffee Lovers May Not Be Excited About Your Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee lovers are a particular group of people. They start thinking about their first cup of coffee before they even go to bed the night before. They are mentally and physically different before they have that first cuppa-Joe in the morning. Drinking coffee can be a social activity, but to many it's a way of life and a means of survival. So, you shouldn't be surprised if they are a little sensitive when you hit them up to buy coffee during your coffee fundraiser. 

The problem, then is to show them that the product you are selling as part of your coffee fundraiser is just as good as the specialty coffee they enjoy on a daily basis. You can always hit them from a money standpoint. Raise the point that with the amount of money they have spent on coffee during the last year or so they could have likely had a down payment on a nice home or car instead. This method of convincing may work, but then again - money spent may not matter to a true coffee connoisseur. 

The coffee highbrows

Coffee lovers today have many more choices than they ever have had - and there are usually two types of coffee highbrows. 

First - the ones who get their first cup from their favorite coffee shop, whether it be a plain cup of coffee, or one that has a name longer than your arm. These people may be harder to convince, since they enjoy the interaction with their favorite barista who may know more about them than their mother does.

The second group of coffee lovers are also difficult to impress. They have spent a small fortune on top of the line coffee makers that do everything but wash the cup. This elite group may be difficult to win over. 

Coffee Fundraiser

The best chance you have in swaying your coffee loving friends and family to support your fundraiser is to show them the goods. Just telling them about the coffee you are selling as part of your coffee fundraiser may not do the trick. They may not be happy with your choice of fundraiser, but once you treat them to a cup of the great tasting coffee you're selling - they'll come around. Once they smell that brew, whether they buy their coffee from a local barista or make it themselves, they will come over to your side and buy some of your product. Just keep working on those coffee lovers and you'll have a successful coffee fundraiser.