Tired Of Bake Sales? Try A SaveAround Coupon Book Fundraiser

Fundraisers are more fun and interesting than they used to be. You no longer have to spend hours trying to decide what to sell and who will make it. Coupon book fundraisers are clean, easy to maintain and will provide your organization a successful means to meet your financial goals. With a coupon book fundraiser you can raise the funds you need; boost local businesses and offer a valuable product to your customers. It is a win-win process for all concerned. 

Why coupon books? 

Everyone likes discounts and freebies not only at local businesses but national businesses and brands as well. Coupon books sell themselves. Once you have your first coupon book fundraiser - your customers will get used to having a new book each year. You'll see that they will ask for new ones before you have even started your fundraiser. They make great gifts that people love to give and receive. 

Easy to manage

Say goodbye to the cumbersome and labor intensive fundraisers of the past. You won't have the worry and fuss associated with some fundraising products. Coupon books aren't perishable items that you have to freeze or keep cool. You don't have to worry about them spoiling! They are bright and colorful books that you receive on consignment - with no risk. 

High return

With a coupon fundraiser, your group or organization can earn up to 50% profit. This will help your organization meet your financial obligations and get you on track for the new fiscal year. 

It's easy to get started and there is no up-front cost to you or your organization. Talk to your group so you can get started on the #1 fundraising method available today. Take the next step and order your free fundraising kit now!