Tips For Creating An Effective Subway Fundraising Campaign

t can be a difficult decision for those involved in nonprofit organizations to come up with fundraising ideas that are profitable, easily managed and beneficial to the customers. There are many fundraising products if selling is going to be your method of fundraising.

Sweet or healthy?

When you research the many fundraising products that can be sold, the sheer number can be headache-worthy. Many of these fundraisers involve food sales. From chocolates to other types of candy - cookies, cookie dough, sweet bread – and even frosting! These types of products do sell, but with our nation’s swing towards healthy eating, there are many who would rather purchase something a little more nutritional.

Coupon books include many types of discounts that are pleasing to those with a sweet tooth – as well as those who are a little more health conscious. These varied business discounts will please even those on your team who are more health-conscious than others. The nice thing about coupon books is that there is something for everyone, and if you choose to focus or bring attention to a specific product or business – you can!

Not just your ordinary Subway fundraiser

You don't have to have a Subway fundraiser for your fundraising customers to enjoy a Subway discount. For the healthy-eating type of customer, your participant can show them the Subway coupons that they’ll receive with their coupon book purchase. Most people appreciate the healthy choices that Subway has to offer and will be happy to see that they can save money on their next visit. So instead of a Subway fundraiser, opt for your next fundraiser to be a coupon book fundraiser. 

With a coupon book fundraiser you have many options to focus your emphasis on. You can choose a particular business as you talk to people about the discounts they will enjoy when they buy a book. The best part of coupon book sales is that your participants can focus on the many different businesses – local and national - that offer discounts in coupon books. This makes selling the books even easier.

This theory is also true with other offers contained in the coupon book. Vacation time may warrant your participant bringing hotels and rental car coupons to the attention of their customer. Theme parks and other recreational discounts are often offered in coupon books and can be noted by your participants to their potential customers. If your community has a new business of interest – customers will appreciate knowing they can give it a try with their discount coupon.

Making a wise choice

Choosing the right fundraiser for your nonprofit group can be a tough one. You have to take into consideration what will appeal to the largest amount of people. This is one of the reasons that a coupon book fundraiser is the #1 fundraiser in the U.S. It appeals to all ages and economic circumstances. From young families and singles to grandparents and retired people – everyone appreciates a chance to save money. Coupon book sales benefits the customer as well as the nonprofit group.