Savings Are In The Air this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re taken or single, SaveAround has deals to make your Valentine’s Day that much more special.

With local, regional, and national deals inside every book, you can visit your favorite restaurants, attractions, and shops without breaking the bank.

Want to take your partner to your favorite local restaurant? They’re probably in the SaveAround book! That means you have access to deals ranging from a few dollars off to BOGO entrees.

While each of our 160+ books are customized for your local market (and therefore unique!) you can hope to find some of the same things in each:

  • Retail: clothing shops, book stores, grocery stores, local hardware stores, car rentals
  • Fast Food: McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Subway
  • Dining: Pizza parlors, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Steak Houses, your favorite local delis and sandwich shops
  • Entertainment: mini golf, bowling, paintball, bus tours, local theaters

Better yet, every book includes a free 12 month subscription to our mobile app: giving you instant access to hundreds of promotions we couldn’t fit in the book.

Whether you’re single or taken, everyone loves saving and we’re here to help!


Image by Vecteezy