Let Us Help You Fundraise

We know how difficult it can be to raise funds because we’ve been there. As an American company, SaveAround is run by the parents of students, athletes, scouts, youth groupers, and more. We know the hurdles you may be experiencing when it comes to fundraising! And four decades of experiences have helped us make not only 160+ fantastic coupon books but also a superior fundraising product.

What do we mean by superior? We firmly believe SaveAround books are the best product in the industry. Better than wrapping paper or chocolate bars, our books contain real value rather than an some of the other overpriced items in the fundraising space. Most of our books are $25 and each contains thousands in savings. Best of all, with one of the highest profit margins in the industry your group can earn up to 50% of each sale. That’s $12.5 for selling a book that many of your friends and family are already looking for and could really use.

Many parents report their sale was as easy as bringing the free sample book and envelope to work. Because the envelope doubles as an order form, you can even leave the book in the break room. Your coworkers can write their own orders and leave checks in the envelope. No awkwardness, no selling. If you sell just five books, you’ll get to keep an extra one for yourself, too. Plus, we’ve developed an easy-to-use online fundraising platform so that you can expand your sale outside your home market to friends and family across the country.

A SaveAround fundraiser is risk-free for you and your students. Each student interested in fundraising receives a sample book. They can use it to show friends and family exactly what they’re getting, and flip through to see the value it holds. This sample book is provided on consignment: if a student sells nothing, simply return the book at no cost.

Are you ready to start fundraising with SaveAround?