A beginners guide to throwing a school fundraising coupon books event

Being a parent comes with too many responsibilities to list - fundraising for your child's school being one of them!  If your child has reached the age where you're being asked to take part in a school fundraising activity - don't lose heart. It can be easier than you think. In fact, if the wise fundraising gurus at your child's school have chosen fundraising coupon books - it won't be a challenge - it will be a fun experience to share with your child.


Don't fret the school's fundraiser

Let's get real here - with any school fundraiser - even though it is geared for the kids to raise the money - much of the responsibility falls on the parents. In saying that, don't let your kids off the hook. They need to get out there and sell their product, get sponsors or whatever it is that they are doing to bring money to their school - with your help of course.


You're in luck with fundraising coupon books

With a coupon book fundraiser - the process is easy. Because discount coupon books are on consignment, you sell what you have - you don't have to take orders. Thank your lucky stars you don't have to worry about keeping a product frozen or keep track of sizes, colors and who gets what.


Your school has chosen wisely. Fundraising coupon books are one of the top fundraising options in the U.S. There are many reasons why this type of fundraiser is so popular.

  • Uncomplicated to manage
  • Easy to sell
  • Clean product
  • High return


Many fundraisers are difficult for a fundraising team to manage. Not so with coupon book sales. Working with a team of professionals, those in charge of your school's fundraiser will have a clear picture of how many books need to be sold. They will decide on a realistic goal and give you and your child the guidance you need in order to have a successful fundraiser.


Unlike many types of fundraisers, a coupon book is a clean and easy product to handle. The aforementioned perishable products of some types of fundraisers cause confusion and are hard for the fundraising team - not to mention the parents of the participants.

It can sometimes be hard to push a product on your friends, neighbors and families. Most of the time people buy fundraising products out of loyalty to the school or the participants. Money is tight and you want to give your people a product that is useful. A coupon book is not only useful, but it saves them money. You don't have to feel guilty when your child approaches people - they will more than get their money's worth when they purchase a coupon book.


Fundraising is an important factor to a school's budget. With the potential of making up to fifty percent profit, your school will be able to meet their fundraising goals. Important activities can continue, or new ones will begin.


Getting started

Even though your child or children will get direction from the fundraising team at their school, it is important for you to sit down with them and develop a plan as to how they can be successful in their fundraising efforts.


1.  Know the coupons. Look at the coupon book with them so they understand the types of places that are represented in the fundraising coupon books.

2.  Make a list - get a big piece of paper. To identify those who you will sell to, start off with columns labeled: friends, family, people at parents' work and even places where you might take the books to sell.

Indicate if the child or parents will be making the contact and if they will be contacted by phone or in person.

3.  Talk about the coupons. Role play is a great way for your kids to get comfortable selling the discount coupon book. It's a good idea for them to point out to their potential customers some of the discounts they found that are their own favorite places or activities.

4.  Important selling points. Make sure your child understands that the coupons in the book are worth much more than what the book costs. Even if a customer uses only a few of the coupons - their savings will be above  what they paid for the book.


Your fundraising efforts - Fundraising Coupon Books

Your fundraising efforts will not only strengthen the budget at your child's school, but it will give you and your child a common interest that has a positive outcome.

Don't worry if this is your first fundraiser. You will learn as you go along - you and your child will learn together. When you have completed the fundraiser - you and your child can take one of your discount coupons and go out and celebrate at your favorite place!