5 Date Night Ideas You Can Enjoy Using Your Local Coupon Books

Are you having a problem coming up with ideas for your next date night? Problem solved. 

When you purchase local coupon books - you won't have to worry about deciding on what to do for a date night. Coupon books are full of great deals that will give you unique ideas for that special night out. All you have to do is look through the pages of your coupon book for something new to do on your next date night out. New experiences with savings - who can beat that? 

Below are five ideas for you to make your date night special - using discounts from your local coupon books. 


Date nights are important - but sometimes it's hard make the decision of what to do. You may find yourselves repeating your date night activities over and over. It's time for something new - with a savings.

1.  Go to a movie

Most people enjoy going to a movie - but let's face it - movies are expensive these days. When you look through your local coupon book, you will see big savings on movies at your favorite theatres. Since you have all year to use your coupons, you can wait for that special movie to come to your local theatre - or, you can trade off on who picks the movie of their choice. Either way, going to a movie is a favorite outing for many people and you can enjoy it too, and save money while you're at it. 

With the savings you get from your discount coupon, you can pair a movie with:

2.  Dinner out

Check out the restaurants in your discount coupon book. You may find your favorite restaurant that you frequent quite often. Now you can enjoy your favorite cuisine - but this time with a discount. 

Or, you may see a new place to eat that you haven't had a chance to try. Go ahead! With a discount, you have nothing to lose, and it may become your new favorite restaurant. Pair a nice dinner out with a good movie and you have the makings of a super date night. 

3.  Recreational activities

When you get your local coupon books, give it a thorough going over as soon as you get it (or as you're deciding to buy). You will find many recreational activities that will make a great date night. 

For instance: 

Bowling. Have you been bowling lately? It is truly one of America's best-loved activities. Bowling is fun and you will also get a little exercise while you're on your date. A date night that includes bowling will give you time to connect with good-natured conversation in a down-to-earth atmosphere. 

Special events. Local coupon books usually have several discount coupons for special events taking place in your area. From ice shows and rodeos to concerts and car races - what better night out than to attend a special event with a discount. An event that you might not otherwise be able to afford. 

4.  Shopping

To some, shopping may not seem like a date night - but it certainly can be. Shopping with your significant other or spouse can be a special time when you use discount coupons. Look through your coupon book and take out all of the retail discount coupons - as well as some fast food coupons. Take a run through your favorite fast food spot - hit the retail stores and see how much money you can save. Whether you buy something you need - or splurge on something you want - you can bet you will have fun doing it! 

5.  Vacation time

The ultimate date night (weekend or week) - a vacation. When you purchase a discount coupon book, not only will you find local deals - but you will notice terrific savings on travel, hotels and even rental cars. To make it an extra special event - announce your plans as you dine at your favorite discount coupon restaurant. Detail the savings you will enjoy during your trip to make the date night even more memorable. 

Local coupon books

Supporting local businesses while saving money is a win-win situation all around. Make sure you take advantage of all of these savings by purchasing a coupon book - and have a wonderful date night!