Your SaveAround Guide to the Best Charity Fundraising Ideas

When it's time for your organization to decide on a fundraiser you can become confused, frustrated and even mislead by some fundraising companies.

charity-fundraising-ideas-start-nowThere are many types of products you can sell - cookie dough, candy, magazines - you name it, you can sell it.

When you narrow down your choices and do a little investigating, you'll see that the top selling fundraiser these days is by selling coupon books. SaveAround has been a trusted fundraising company since 1975

Start with a Plan

Try to keep your fundraising goals simple. Most participants are parents and family, and you can only expect so much from them during a season or year. If your organization has a reputation for overdoing fundraisers, you will gradually see your supporters drop by the wayside. 

How Much Money Do You Need?

Creating a budget that reflects your anticipated expenses should tell you how much money you need to raise to accomplish your goals. 

How Fast Do You Need to Raise Money?

If you need $100 right away, you can put together a quick bake sale. When your needs far exceed that, you will want to identify the best way to meet that goal within the time frame that will enable you to cover your commitments in a timely manner.

What Are Your Resources?

Every type of fundraiser requires different resources - whether it be money or man-power. This is one reason why coupon book sales are so successful. You order the books on consignment, in a volume that depends on the size of your organization and how many participants you can count on. It's important to match your fundraiser with the amount of time and ability of your supporters.


Save Around makes it easy for you to have a successful fundraiser with coupon books. When you partner with Save Around, you will benefit from their years of experience and expertise with successful fundraising. Focusing your fundraising efforts on a local discount savings book will give you the funds you need to meet your goals - without the difficult management that goes along with many types of fundraisers. The product is clean, bright and easy to sell. No more complaints from your participants about messy products or complicated order forms!