Non Traditional Fundraising Groups

These groups are not necessarily associated with a school, but are active in the area. Many times they are a non-profit or local organization that needs money yearly, but is volunteer run with lots of turn-over. Sometimes they have a board of directors or volunteer group that heads up their efforts that includes fundraising.

Some of these non-traditional groups may include:
  • Little leagues for baseball and softball
  • Clubs
  • Organizations hosting summer camp
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Church youth groups

Once you are in with a group, find out when they have board elections and a rough estimate of their yearly plans. Sign-ups, registration, timeline, age group, etc. It is helpful if you know who the board members are and if they are in need of fundraising or assistance in this area.

For example:
  • Local little league - registration starts in January through March; season begins end of March through May; tournaments in June
  • Church youth groups - most likely will have various activities throughout the year (summer camp, winter ski trip, overnight lock-ins, etc).
  • Summer camps - funds for field trips to various venues plus supplies and snacks
  • Travel baseball / softball - they have ongoing fundraising needs, weekend tournaments, lots of travel and expenses (sometimes they have sponsors, but need to be supplemented with fundraisers, too)


National Food Days

April 26 – Pretzel Day


Group Relations Guidance

How do I fill out an Agreement?
ICs should visit the website to secure a blank agreement.

  2. Click Resources
  3. Choose Download Blank Agreement

Contract should include:
Rep name at the top. Complete contact info for the school/group/club/team.

Make sure you include a good email address and cell phone number for the chairperson. The email address is tied to the chairperson portal so this is important.

We need to know the # of books and the # of sellers. Make sure you are using the latest version of the agreement as there is a field for BOOKS and SELLERS.

Order forms are included inside the book so those are automatically included.

Parent letters (rep prepares these) need to be sent by the school (we recommend sending out via e-mail).

Make sure under the Products that you list the NAME of the market (name of the book). Especially for those reps who have more than one market to sell that is helpful. Don’t make us guess which one they are selling.

Re-save the completed contact with the name of the group, rep name and season and year. For example: (Central HS Band - Jane Smith - Fall ‘24)

Email the completed agreement to and they will get it entered into the system. Fall ‘24 contracts would be for the NEW 2025 Books (be sure that is noted).


Weekly Tip

Resigns for 2025
Be sure if you have a returning group for Fall ‘24 or Spring ‘25 that you confirm ALL of the information. Do you have a new chairperson? We need to know their name, email address and cell phone #. Obviously dates will be different than before. Any change in the # of sellers? Be sure everything is complete for the re-signed agreement with any updates or changes that we need to be aware of. Send those notes to


MLB Facts

Some interesting and fun facts about Major League Baseball:

  • Top professional level in United States and Canada
  • Known as America’s National Pastime
  • First team organized was the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869
  • 1876 8 teams were formed - today there are 30 MLB teams
  • American and National leagues with 3 divisions - East, Central, and West
  • The MLB season is the longest of any sport with 162 games
  • Championship for baseball is called the World Series
  • The longest game played was 8 hours and 6 minutes = 25 innings.
  • Some great players: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, & Hank Aaron
  • Cal Ripken, Jr is the ironman having played 2632 consecutive games
  • Nolan Ryan has the most strikeouts of any MLB pitcher
  • Jackie Robinson was the first African American player to play MLB in 1947
  • The official baseball has 108 stitches each and are all stitched by hand
Non Traditional Fundraising Groups