Your No Cost Fundraiser With These Do It Yourself Fundraising Ideas

Are you getting ready to start a fundraiser, but don't quite know where to start? It would be hard to find anyone who hasn't been a part of a fundraiser. Whether it be by purchasing a product - or by helping organize one. Fundraisers are commonplace with schools, sports teams, churches and many organizations. If you are thinking about starting a fundraiser, you might need a few fundraising ideas to help your efforts go smoothly.

Who will help? 

The people who help manage your fundraiser are usually volunteers. They should be notified well ahead of time that a fundraiser is coming. Your fundraising efforts will go smoothly if everyone knows what their responsibilities are before the project gets started. Be appreciative of volunteers! 

Define your budget

How much money do you need? Pull your group together to brainstorm for fundraising ideas of what the money will be used for. New equipment? Travel for your team? For successful fundraising, your team needs to agree how the money is used and how much money you need to make from your fundraiser. Many fundraising companies require products to be purchased in advance - a no cost fundraiser should be something to consider. Have a clear understanding of your budget and your goals before you contact a fundraising consultant. 

What type of fundraiser? 

The best fundraiser is the no cost fundraiser. No money up front will make your efforts less complicated and also help you with the accounting part of the fundraising project.

How long should the fundraiser last?

Ideally, the time allotted for your fundraiser is two to three weeks. If products are being sold, people lose interest if the sale goes on much longer than that. 

The launch

Make a big deal out of your launch - and make it fun! Be creative with charts and graphics to announce the reason for the fundraiser. The reason needs to matter to those participating in the fundraiser. Explain exactly what the money will be used for and how much money is needed. If you have chosen a no cost fundraiser such as coupon sales, make sure everyone understands what the customer receives in return for their money. Your launch can be the time to show off prizes that will reward the top or fastest sales. The launch is also a good time to discuss the types of customers they can reach, and give examples of what to say when approaching potential customers. Be sure to remind them to thank each person who contributes to the fundraiser.


Make sure those who are involved in the fundraiser are motivated and excited. Have enough prizes that your sellers will be excited to sell the product. You can be creative with prizes - and they don't need to be expensive. Motivation will continue as long as they receive regular feedback about the successfulness of the fundraiser. 

Winding down

As your fundraiser winds down and your goals are met - it's time for a celebration! Your group can reap the financial benefits of a job well done.