Why We Do What We Do

SaveAround has long been a family owned business dedicated to making an impact in communities all over the country. We come to work every day to improve the lives of our customers, supporters, fundraising groups, and partner businesses. So why do we do what we do? 

To Help Local Communities

We consider ourselves the best coupon book because our product provides unique benefits to a variety of different groups of people. For example: while our fundraising groups use our coupon book to raise money for their unique causes, our consumers also get great deals at their favorite businesses (BOTH in their hometowns and across the country!), and our merchants bring in new loyal customers. Our product is a true win-win-win for local communities and we’re proud to play such a large role in supporting the people who support us! 

To Help Our Employees Thrive

We’ve assembled a pretty awesome team here at SaveAround comprised of designers, fundraising experts, developers, sales professionals, and support staff all working together to achieve a common goal. We’re dedicated to providing a structured work environment that helps all of our employees thrive both personally and professionally. We invest heavily in our people and processes to ensure that our customers receive a high quality product that we proudly stand behind.

To Always Keep Innovating

Even though our roots go back 40 years we never stop learning and innovating. We continually refine our core product to bring our customers the very best. As most of our books are sold through fundraising channels, we’re always looking for ways to improve that process too. An example of this is the launch of our custom apparel division through SAink. Whatever your fundraising group may need, we have a product and solution that will work for you!

To Be Driven By Our Values

In the middle of SaveAround HQ, located in Binghamton NY, we have a wall of the values that drive our company.

Those values are:

  • Trust
  • Caring
  • Accountability
  • Quality
  • Culture

We’re proud to place these values above all else in an uncompromising vision of how we want to manage ourselves.

We truly appreciate all of your support!