When is it a Good Time to Advertise Your business in Coupon Books?

Who isn't interested in free advertising?  Along that same train of thought, what customer doesn't like discounts on their purchases? Advertising your business with fundraising coupon books is a win-win situation for merchants and customers alike. 

Why should you advertise in coupon books?

There are many advantages for placing a colorful ad in a fundraising coupon book. It is a successful way for your business to attract new and repeat customers to your place of business. 

  • It's free!
  • Do good while doing business
  • Meet new customers
  • Grow your brand
  • Repeat customers

Free advertising. You don't have to worry about adding coupon book advertising to your marketing budget. There is no cost for your business's ad to be included in the next coupon book. The book is colorful and your ad will be too. Your free ad offers the buyer a discount when they purchase services or goods at your business during a time period that is printed on the coupon. The books are updated each year - what an effortless way to advertise! 

Doing good. One of the great things about coupon books is that when you place an ad in a fundraising coupon book, you not only gain customers, but you are also helping the non-profit organizations in your community. You will feel good about offering a discount to your customers - while helping your local non-profit organizations meet their financial responsibilities.  

Meet new customers. People like to use coupons to visit both new and established businesses that they haven't tried before. New faces will come through your door with their discount coupons in hand - to try your services or products for the first time. Your regular customers will be excited to use their coupons for return visits. 

Grow your brand. Have you recently started a business? It's hard to get your brand out there for every one to see. When your ad is placed in a community focused coupon book people be curious to see what you have to offer. First time customers will be more likely to pay you a visit when they know they can save money on their purchase. Many people buy a coupon book every year and watch for their favorite merchants to be included in new editions. By advertising in local coupon books, your business can be the reason they buy a book next year! 

Repeat customers. With the ever increasing competition in retail and service businesses, you want to keep your repeat customers coming through your doors. Repeat customers will bring their friends in to share in the discount. Reward your loyal customers by getting your coupon in the next fundraiser. 


When is a good time to advertise in a coupon book fundraiser? It's always a good time for free advertising that will the increase traffic to your business. Make sure the next book that goes to print includes a discount coupon for your place of business. Promote your business and reach prospective customers by placing your ad in a discount fundraising coupon book.