Using the SaveAround Coupon Book for Your Next No Cost Fundraiser

Many nonprofit organizations find it a hardship to get started with a new fundraiser. The upfront costs associated with many fundraising companies can create a financial burden even before the fundraiser begins.

With no upfront investment, you don’t have worry about using your cash on hand. When you think about it – there really is no reason not to choose discount coupon book sales as your no cost fundraiser. It will help your non-profit organization achieve the amount of money you need to keep your programs and projects going.

Why people buy fundraising products and services

Most people who buy products or services from nonprofit organization fundraisers do so because they have a vested interest in either the non-profit program itself – or the people who are participating. Either way, it’s not unusual for people to buy a product even though they don’t need (or want) it. They just want to be supportive. On the other hand, there are those who have no problem saying no to fundraisers – but they will have a hard time saying no to a discount coupon book – no cost fundraiser.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are offering your customers a product that has value and a product they will use? A product they will have a hard time saying no to.

A no cost fundraiser with a product that is easy to sell

Deciding what type of fundraiser to link to your nonprofit organization can be a difficult decision. There has never been so many types of products or services to choose from.

You want to make it as easy for your participants as possible. If your group involves kids – a lot of the responsibility for the success of your fundraiser rests on the shoulders of their parents. Everyone is busy these days – and parents especially. They often overextend themselves with child-related activities and often times dread fundraisers. For this and many other reasons, you want your fundraiser to be as easy as possible. A product that is easy to sell and easy to manage will help your participants to be excited and increase their motivation to become involved in making your fundraiser a success.

Stay away from hard to sell fundraising products. There are some fundraisers that offer products that are difficult to sell – and some that are not. We have all been approached by kids selling items that we really don’t want or need. Truth be told, a person can only use so much cookie dough, magazines or greeting cards.

Coupon books are bright and inviting and nearly sell themselves. A discount coupon book is a useable and valuable purchase that your customers will appreciate. It is common for people to be repeat customers year after year – buying for themselves and extra books to use as last minute gifts all year long.

Easy to manage fundraiser

With a no cost coupon book fundraiser, you don’t have to worry about your group spending a lot of time managing it. The product is clean (and doesn’t need refrigeration) – easy to sell – with no upfront cost, which is a huge benefit for some nonprofits with small budgets. The books are sold on consignment – so what you don’t sell, you just return. There are experts in the field of fundraising who will help you through each step of the way. You will also appreciate the return you can get by having your participants sell discount coupon books.  

No cost fundraiser

This year, give some serious thought before you commit to a certain type of fundraiser. If you need to bring products or companies before your group – make sure a no cost fundraiser – discount coupon books are at the top of your list. With this type of fundraiser, your organization will be able to make the money it needs to continue on with your programs or special projects – while pleasing your customers as well as your participants.