The Most Effective Fundraisers Include Fundraising Kits & Coupon Books

So you have to raise money for your group or organization and you have decided to throw a fundraiser. Luckily, there is a kind of fundraiser that will help you meet your group’s financial needs, help the community that will patronize your event and boost business for participating vendors. Coupon books are by no means a new trend, but it has never been easier to utilize them for fundraising, thanks to the comprehensive process and free fundraising kits offered by Save Around.

Coupon Book Fundraiser Basics

Assertively seeking funding while maintaining the ethical practices of your group may sound like a difficult task, but coupon books make it easy. What follows are the three simple steps to getting your next fundraising event set up.

  • Get Free Fundraising Kits from Save Around by visiting their website and contacting them by phone or email. A fundraising kit will include information on ordering books, promotional material, samples and a thorough list of the participating businesses.
  • Set Up Your Coupon Books by visiting Save Around and revel in the simplicity of their websites menu, the abundance of participating vendors and the variety of coupon options available. Your group stands to earn up to 50% profit for every book, and a patron of your event can make back their money with the use of as little as two coupons.
  • Promote Your Fundraiser to ensure that your funding goals are met. The time-tested practice of posting flyers around your offices, institution’s buildings and the locations of participating businesses is a great start, but only scratches the surface of what is now possible. Utilize the popularity of Facebook by creating page for your group, and an event within that page. A Twitter account is an easy and effective way to keep your potential patrons up to date with time and location info, and an Instagram account will allow you to post photographs of the event and participants.

With perks like free fundraising kits, a simple online user interface and the benefits of this community-based approach, a coupon book fundraiser is a no-brainer. Not only will you meet your financial goals, but the local businesses that you chose to include will receive a sales boost, and your community patrons will save money. This manner of fundraising is by no means new, but thanks to the internet is easier and more personable than ever.