The Choice is Yours!

Nobody likes ads. Billboards, radio spots, newspaper advertisements. They’re intrusive and not particularly helpful. And worst of all, it’s pay to play meaning you’re going to see the same big names over and over again. It’s often times hard for local businesses to get their name out there affordably.

When our founders started our company over four decades ago, we had a few humble goals. First, to help local businesses get traffic. Second, to help schools fundraise with a superior product. Third, to help consumers save.

Today our goals are very much the same. It costs nothing to include your coupon in a SaveAround coupon book. Small businesses get lots of traffic when they’re included in the book. Second, schools raise literally millions of dollars each year through SaveAround fundraisers. Third, consumers keep coming back to America’s premiere savings solution for all of our great deals.

In addition to being free for businesses, our coupon books are non-obtrusive. You can flip through it at your leisure, discovering new businesses and entertainment options, or just leave it in the car for your yearly trip to the water park. That’s the difference between us and other big players in the consumer savings industry: we stay out of your way. America is about choices, and we have always strived to empower our customers with the freedom to save wherever they want whenever they want. The choice is yours!