Tap Into The Power Of Facebook For Your Next Discount Card Fundraiser

A discount card fundraiser is one of the most popular and profitable fundraisers going on today. This type of fundraiser not only helps non-profit groups financially, but gives the customer value for their money- as well as helping local merchants bring new business through their doors. 

When your non-profit group needs to raise money for travel, uniforms or simply to make ends meet - a discount card fundraiser is an easy and uncomplicated way to meet those goals. 

How do you advertise? 

Sometimes it's hard to get the word out when you have a fundraiser. Many people like to support non-profit organizations, especially when they represent activities that involve kids. But, many times people don't hear about the fundraiser until after it's over. This is especially true with fundraisers that offer the purchaser a discount at their local businesses. They notice someone benefitting from a discount and find out they've missed the chance. Don't let this happen to your potential buyers. Send emails, make phone calls and make sure your participants take an active part in spreading the word about your fundraiser. 

Don't discount the power of Social Media

We are all so used to using social media to keep up with our families and friends - don't make the mistake of discounting the power of Facebook to advertise your fundraiser. 

It's easy to create a Facebook page dedicated to your group and fundraiser. Once it has been created, all you have to do is share it with each person on your team, their parents, friends and relatives - everyone who is remotely connected to your efforts. You will be surprised to see how fast your news will spread. 

Facebook is a great way to not only increase the sales of your fundraiser, but it also lets people know about your group, which will help you in future efforts. You don't have to stop posting after your fundraiser. Continue to post updates on activities, what is going on with various people in your group - and keep your participants and their families up-to-date on the when and where concerning your upcoming functions. 

You can also create an 'event' on Facebook that links to your group's page. This feature is especially helpful if you're holding events where you need to know how many are able to attend. 

Your next discount card fundraiser

Whether you're a veteran at fundraising - or a newbie, you will find that a discount card fundraiser to be one of the cleanest and easiest fundraisers to manage. 

One of the biggest hurdle with any type of fundraiser is effective marketing. Using Facebook as one of your primary marketing tools will give your group a face that people will identify with - and, boost your sales to help you meet those financial goals.