SaveAround Helps Small Businesses Grow

Everyone knows the ideal of the ‘American small town’. A place where Main Street is filled with friendly and familiar faces, and the man who owns the hardware store has been there for longer than you can remember.

These days, things have changed. Those places are still around, but there’s a lot of other options too. So it’s not that small businesses have disappeared, it’s that they’re hidden or at least harder to find.

While technology has caused a lot more competition, the best part about technology has always been its ability to bring people together. That’s still true!

The SaveAround coupon book was founded over 4 decades ago, when Main Street was still Main Street. We created our book to help both small businesses and their customers, driving traffic and saving money, a true win-win situation.

Now, we’ve grown and so have our offerings. With 170 unique coupon books customized for location you can find out those local hotspots, wherever you may be. Our team works hard to find those hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and Mom & Pop stores that you remember. And once we find them, we ask if they’d like to be included in the book, free of charge, so that they can find more great customers like you.

If you or someone you know owns a small business, we’d love to have you in our book! Merchants in our book get free exposure and lots of foot traffic just for offering a small discount through our savings program. You can even be included in our downloadable mobile app, at no cost to you. Being part of the SaveAround network builds lifelong relationships with potential customers.

Our business model is built on helping everyone, especially local businesses, connect with each other. Look through a sample book yourself, or find your own book, customized just for your location.