Raise funds for your league with the SaveAround Coupon Book

When your league needs money to keep its programs and activities going - it is probably time for a fundraiser.


It is sometimes difficult to get people on board with a fundraiser. Parents and supporters alike aren't always enthusiastic when it comes to starting a new fundraiser, even though they know the league needs money to continue their activities.


You know that raising funds for your league is important to your bottom line - you just have to help your participants how important a fundraiser really is to the success of your league. Sometimes a successful fundraiser is crucial to the extent that activities will be cut if your financial goals aren't met.


How to get people on board

When you talk to your team, the more upbeat you can be the better - and it's easy when your next fundraiser involves selling the little coupon book. You won't hear big sighs of discontent - you'll hear sighs of relief.


What to tell a fundraiser newbie

Even for people who are just starting out with their first fundraiser will find that managing the fundraiser and selling coupon books is a much easier means to an end. The little coupon book fundraiser is more uncomplicated than any other type of product. If they will ask you why that is - you can give them these top reasons:


1. They won't have to worry about a messy product. A coupon book is clean and doesn't take up much space.

2. They won't have to worry about an order form. If you have ever worked with a product that has complicated order forms - you will appreciate this top reason. Some fundraising products have column after column of choices. Sometimes the wrong column gets checked - and sometimes the wrong column gets ordered - or delivered. It can be a nightmare. A coupon book has no order forms.

3.  They have probably heard the fundraising horror stories about how difficult it can be to collect the money once the product has arrived and the participants are delivering. With the little coupon book fundraiser, they won't have to worry about collecting the money. The coupon books are given to the customer at the time of purchase. End of story.


What to remind experienced fundraising folks

If your league has experience with fundraising but maybe not discount coupon books - you and they will be in for a big surprise at how easily managed fundraising with the little coupon book can be.


You will be working with fundraising professionals who understand and give you a good estimate as to how many books to take on consignment. There are no upfront costs, and your will be able to make up to fifty percent of each sale.


The little coupon book

The coupon book itself is full of big savings - and this is something you will want to point out to your league participants. In order to raise funds for your league, it is important for them to be familiar with the local and national merchants that choose to advertise in the coupon book.


The coupon book starts out with a handy table of contents that tells you exactly what coupons are offered.


It's always good to point out that by purchasing a coupon book they are supporting local merchants. Local restaurants and retail businesses will be a sure selling point for potential customers. You will also find local recreational activity discounts.


That's not all!

But that isn't all. National brands are also included and offer big savings on everything from rental cars to hotels and even trips.


Your customers will also be able to download an app and make use of their discounts directly from their handheld personal device. How easy is that!


There are surprises to be found within the pages of the little coupon book. Something for everyone - regardless of age or interests.


This will be a fundraiser to remember

Your participants will thank you for choosing such a fun and easy fundraiser. Your league will meet the financial goals that will enable your programs to continue - and you'll look forward to your next coupon book fundraiser.