Getting Optimal Fundraising Results with the SaveAround Coupon Book

When it is fundraising time for your team, it can be a difficult task to come up with new and unusual ideas. When your team is ready to identify its next fundraiser - don't worry about being original - go with the fundraiser that remains the most popular and successful.

Because nearly everyone of every age likes to save money - the SaveAround coupon book has proven its merits by leading the fundraising industry in the U.S. year after year. 

Tips for a successful fundraising event

The SaveAround Coupon Book is packed full of discounts that will be enjoyed and valued by your customers. If you have not used coupon book sales for a team fundraising event in the past - here are a couple of tips. 

Most people have heard about discount coupon books. The trick is to sell to repeat customers and find new ones. 

Repeat customers. The people who have purchased the SaveAround Coupon Book in the past are easy to sell to. Repeat customers are important to the success of your fundraiser. They have probably shared their coupons with others - or at the very least they have talked about the savings they have had when they used their coupons. Oftentimes people who have enjoyed discount coupons in the past seek out fundraising participants so they can get the new edition - for themselves and to give as gifts.  

Getting new customers. Those who have not used a SaveAround Coupon Book may need some friendly persuasion. The way to do this is to open the book and show a new customer the local and national companies that smartly choose to advertise in discount fundraising coupon books. Everyone finds coupons that appeal to them. 

To achieve optimal results with your team's coupon book fundraiser - be sure to point out that using only a few of the coupons more than pays for the cost of the book.  

Coupon book sales - for your team's next fundraiser

If you have managed fundraisers before, you understand how hard it can be to manage one. If you have managed a discount coupon fundraiser - you know how easy it is to manage this type of fundraiser. 

Some fundraisers are labor intensive, complicated and difficult for everyone involved. Some products are hard to sell - which puts your participants in a bad position. If you talk to any parent whose kids have participated in fundraisers - they will tell you that they have had problems with certain fundraisers. Problems with keeping track of orders, collecting money and handling the product. Parents usually end up paying out of their own pocket - more than they should. 

These issues are not part of a discount book fundraiser. The product is obtained on consignment with no up-front costs. They are easily sold, with no order-taking. Discount coupon books are clean and need no special care - unlike perishable products like cookie dough or other food-related items. You don't have to worry about ordering the wrong size or color. 

Team goals

Your team is full of dedicated players and supporters - but teams need money to be able to continue with their activities. 

Talk about fundraisers can draw a collective sigh from team members and their parents or supporters. You want a fundraiser that will get your group excited and motivated in order to get your finances to the point where you will be able to continue the activities they deserve. 

When your team's fundraising committee sets the goals for your next fundraiser - rest assured that those goals can be met when you choose a discount coupon fundraiser. Not only is this type of fundraiser easy to manage - but it is profitable as well. Your team can make up to 50% profit with the SaveAround Coupon Book.

Choose your fundraiser wisely - if you haven't tried a SaveAround Coupon Book fundraiser - now is your chance. Easy to manage - easy to sell. Get on board with the discounts.