Fundraising: The Top Three Best Practices and How SaveAround Can Help

You’ve got a cause that you're trying to support, but you need funding to bring your ideas to fruition. You haven't even gotten started, and already you feel overwhelmed thinking about how even to begin to raise the required amount of capital necessary to get your cause off the ground. Sound familiar?

This is the point where we come in. At SaveAround we know how high the hurdles can seem when it comes to fundraising. We've been there, and we've helped thousands of others overcome the obstacles in raising enough money to make a difference. So, let us share with you the top three best practices that we've devised in collaboration with tens of thousands of other fundraisers like you.

To start, your campaign needs a solid plan. A course of action that clearly lays out the road ahead for how you and your fundraising teammates are going to engage supporters. Your plan should clearly identify who on your team will be responsible for what, and should include timelines with milestones. Milestones allow you to evaluate your fundraising efforts periodically for effectiveness and redirect them if necessary.

The second-best practice is to embrace technology and social media. You know that the world today runs on technology, and social media platforms are the one place where people of all segments of society come together. By developing a robust social media presence on the largest platforms, you are better able to get the word out and spread the news about your fundraiser. Not only that but providing progress updates to those that donate is more simple when all you have to do is click on a “share” button. Whether your efforts are to raise money for new athletic uniforms, church renovations, or even if you’re a non-profit organization raising funds to cover a broad range of costs, social media platforms are the absolute best place to spread your campaign to the widest audience.

Lastly, at the heart of your fundraising plan needs to be a reason for supporters to contribute. Everybody likes to feel good about donating, but some folks need a little extra incentive to give – so a reward or benefit to the donor is always a good idea. But the benefit to the supporters shouldn’t outweigh the benefit to your cause – meaning, it shouldn’t cost more to reward your supporters than what you raise for your cause.

At SaveAround, we are experts at providing a valuable benefit to your supporters. As the #1 local fundraising coupon book for more than 40 years, we’ve perfected the fundraising system into a streamlined process that takes the load off your shoulders. Our coupon books offer $1,000s worth of savings at local businesses, restaurants, and nationwide brands, and are the perfect benefit to supporters. With our coupons, they get something back in exchange for their support. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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