Enhance Your Fundraiser By Taking It Online

The world is online these days! Whether it’s looking up store hours, shopping for necessities, or finding phone numbers, it’s easier than ever to get things done online. That’s why SaveAround has introduced new tools to help your fundraiser be even more successful online.

We want you – our fundraising groups – to have as simple and smooth a fundraising campaign as possible. Each group that fundraises with us gets their own personalized web page through our online platform SupportOurGroups. That means that we provide you with your very own fundraising store. Best of all, your website has a unique link that’s perfect to share on social media and through email/text.

You get credit for each and every coupon book purchased through your SupportOurGroups page. And because SaveAround fulfills online orders, your supporters who may live across the country can get their books shipped directly to them — saving you the hassle and earning you that extra sale. You’re effectively expanding your fundraiser outside of your local area to anyone who might want a SaveAround coupon book. Remember, we have 100+ unique coupon books with local deals for different locales.

These online payments are handled seamlessly when you close out at the end of the fundraiser and you can see all of your online sales throughout the fundraiser. How? Through the new ChairpersonPortal!

You can manage your entire fundraiser from your ChairpersonPortal. It allows you to customize your fundraising page with logos, images and descriptions. Group leaders like you can also track their online sales, make a payment for delivered books, and generate earning statements. Customizing your page will make it easier for your supporters to identify that they’ll be supporting you directly!

Finally, we added a new way to collect payment for your physical, in-person fundraiser. Normally you collect cash and check from your supporters before the fundraiser ends. Now, you can take down credit card information on our secure online payment platform SAPayNow. That means your supporters can pay by card when they hand in their order, saving you the hassle of collecting funds. Because these are local supporters, you’ll fulfill their books at the end of the fundraiser as you would any other. Just a note: you can use SAPayNow only sometimes or not at all, and you can still collect cash and check as you’ve been doing. SAPayNow is just another option available to you to make things easier for your supporters that might not carry cash and check.

So you’ve got SupportOurGroups, which is your personalized page. And you’ve got your control panel as the group leader running the show on the ChairpersonPortal. And you’ve got a new way to process credit card payments through SAPayNow. These three tools will help you run a more effective fundraiser and take it to the next level!

Still looking to fundraise this year? Click here for more information about a SaveAround fundraiser.

PS - Did you know that each SaveAround book includes a unique code for access to our premium mobile app? Your supporters get even more bang for their buck!