Coaches Know: Good Teams Give Back

Every sports team knows the thrill of winning. But the real reason we play is to come together.

As individuals, striving to be the best that we can be.

As a team, working to grow together.

As a community, cheering together during a hard-fought game.

As a company full of lifelong fans and players, we know the true value of sports, too. As parents and coaches ourselves, we know the positive impact teams can have on each other and on their community. So we set out almost four decades ago to make the perfect fundraiser for sports teams.

We know simplicity is a virtue when it comes to managing your team, so we designed our fundraiser to be as simple as possible, and never with any minimums or out-of-pocket costs. Best of all, you’re probably already familiar our product — those books with the tear-out coupons for your favorite shops and restaurants.

Here’s how it easy it is to fundraise.

First, request information here. We’ll ask for basic information about your group and the timeline you have in mind for your fundraiser. Then, we’ll ship a sample book and order envelope for each member of your team. Have your kids take them home, or pass them off to parents at the workplace. The envelope the book comes in has all the information you need to take an order. And you don’t need to pay anything for these books, just return them at the end of the fundraiser. Here’s a perk to get your kids and their parents going: if a team member sells 5 books, then they get to keep their sample book as their own. We love our teams and we’re always looking for ways to give back.

At the end of the fundraiser, we ship you the books to fill whatever orders you have taken. (Shipping is always on us.) Additionally, if you have friends or family around the country, they can order through an online order portal created just for your team. When they buy, you get the credit. So when grandma in Florida orders she can get a book customized for her, while Uncle Joe down the streets gets a book that works for him, too.

The reason we can do this is because we've spent decades crafting an expansive network of local, regional, and national businesses offering up quality deals. Best of all, our books fill a vital function in the local community: connecting businesses that need traffic with the groups and customers who want to shop local. In this way, SaveAround is a pillar of the local community, fulfilling a similar role of bringing people together that your team strives for already.

It’s better than a win — it’s a win for the business, a win for the consumer, and a win for you, our newest fundraising group!

P.S. Does your team need custom apparel? We’re expanding our apparel operation! Place an order or start an apparel fundraiser for your team. Email and mention this blog post.