Charities Love Fundraising With Coupon Books

Non-profit organizations and charities depend greatly on the money they make from their fundraisers in order to meet their financial obligations. To keep their financial heads above water - they have their favorite fundraisers - discount coupon books sales. Coupon book sales not only offer a great incentive - up to 50% profit, but they are easily managed and even easier to sell.



Non-profits love a clean fundraiser!


If you have ever worked with a fundraiser, you know there are a countless number of products to choose from. From cookie dough and gift wrap to magazines and candy - and everything in between. Or, you can go with bake sales, car washes and carnivals. All of these fundraising ideas work, but are messy and time consuming.


With coupon book sales, non-profits can raise the money they need with a colorful, clean product that needs no manual labor - and no refrigeration!



Benefits of coupon book sales


Everyone benefits from a coupon book fundraiser. Local merchants can enjoy the knowledge that they are supporting their community's non-profit organizations - and get free advertising in the process. When coupon books are purchased by members of a community, businesses notice an increase in their new customer base, more repeat customers and even see a return of customers they haven't seen for awhile. Business owners also get the reputation for supporting their local non-profit groups.


With no upfront or hidden costs, coupon books are taken on consignment. Non-profit organizations and charities get their name out into the community as participants offer valuable discounts to their friends and neighbors. Discount coupons appeal to everyone.



It's a win-win situation


There are many choices when it comes to fundraisers. Coupon book sales has become the number one fundraiser in the U.S. because they are bright, colorful, clean and useful. A coupon book fundraiser is a win-win method for non-profit organizations to maintain their budget. Parents and participants appreciate the fun, easy and successful way to make the money they need to make in order to continue on with their programs.