A New Tool For Fundraising Online

Everyone knows what it’s like to fundraise in person. You show a sample book to friends & family, take down an order, and collect the money. Then you need to go back later to deliver the product.

While this process works for most groups, we’ve thought long and hard about how to improve the process. Our solution? Each group that fundraises with SaveAround gets their own personalized web page through our online platforms SupportourGroups and PartnerLink! It’s a fantastic way for you to reach everyone you’re trying to reach whether they live in your hometown or not. These tools have fantastic benefits! Here's a sample:


  • Sell SaveAround books online to supporters in your hometown and across the country
  • Each group receives a customizable fundraising page with its own unique link
  • Sellers within your organization can register for their own unique link so that you can track who's driving the most sales online
  • New this year, we've added web, email and social media sharing features to help you spread your SupportOurGroups page even further

Partner Link

  • Manage your entire online fundraiser with our PartnerLink platform
  • PartnerLink allows you to customize your SupportOurGroups fundraising page with logos, images and descriptions
  • Our group leaders can also track online sales, make a payment and generate a statement through PartnerLink

This gives you a powerful tool for supplementing or enhancing your in-person fundraising capabilities. You can reach people you may not have otherwise been able to reach, or people that are too distant from you geographically to reach. For example, if Aunt Sally in Texas wants to buy from you in New York, she can order through your SupportOurGroups page and we’ll ship her the book that’s relevant for her.

Be on the lookout for more information about these exciting features soon!

Undecided for your fundraiser this fall?

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