A Guide To All Our Different Fundraising Products!

Spring means fresh starts, new sports seasons, and plenty of fundraising

Whether you’re brand new to fundraising or a seasoned veteran, SaveAround offers high-value programs that are simple and streamlined to fit any fundraising need — especially yours! Below are our key fundraising options that are utilized by thousands of groups across the country.


Coupon Book Fundraising

As our flagship product, our coupon books provide the greatest value in the industry.  Our books:

  • span 170 unique markets
  • contain over $5,000 in savings
  • contain top local, regional and national brands
  • have no up-front cost to you
  • offer up to 50% profit for your group
  • ability to take orders in person or online
  • have four decades of effective fundraising to their name!

Custom Apparel

Our most flexible product, a member of our design team will be personally assigned to your group and work with you to develop a product line that works for your needs. An apparel fundraiser offers:

  • a wide variety of products and customization options
  • both functional and fun products
  • can help your group develop a personal brand
  • no up-front cost to you
  • a high profit percentage

First-Aid Kits

Our first-aid kits offer an alternative to groups who may have sold coupon books for years in a row. Simple and well made, they contain essentials for use in any emergency. Our first-aid kits:

  • are perfect for storing in the car, boat, or basement
  • are weatherproof and stable for long-term storage
  • are available in both all-purpose kits, and those customized for Sports, Auto, Pets, or Boating
  • have no up-front cost to you
  • offer up to 50% profit for your group

Cookie Dough

Our products range from a variety of amazing cookie dough flavors to other treats as well as holiday gifts. A cookie dough fundraiser offers:

  • a wide variety of flavors
  • a long shelf life if properly stored
  • can be ordered both in person and online
  • no up-front cost to you
  • up to 40% profit for your group

 Discount Cards

Discount cards offer a personalized selection of the same deals in our larger regional coupon books, but in a custom designed package specifically for your group. That way, you can have a product in hand that makes it clear to your supporters exactly where the proceeds go — to you.

  • Customized art and printing for your group!
  • Filled with offers unique to your town or city
  • Includes complimentary access to the SaveAround app
  • Some of the highest profit margins in the fundraising industry


Our newest program, popcorn is an instant classic with great nostalgia for young and old.

  • a variety of great flavors, from sweet to savory
  • No up-front cost
  • Durable bulk shipment on fundraiser completion
  • 50% profit
  • Free Shipping!

So if you know someone looking to raise money this spring — be it a church group, a school function, a sports team, or any community organization — tell them to think of SaveAround. No matter which of our fundraisers you choose, we’re the best around!

Image by Freepik