6 Reasons To Give A SaveAround Book This Holiday Season!

Looking for a personal gift that your friends & family are sure to use?

A SaveAround book is the perfect gift! With 170 different editions, each chock full of local offers, you can save big at local restaurants, small businesses, and national chains across the country.

More than great consumer savings, SaveAround gives back to schools, sports teams, and other fundraising groups with every sale. That’s why we’re America’s premiere fundraising solution: we have Coupons That Care™!

Top reasons a SaveAround book makes the perfect gift:

  1. Great Savings at hundreds of local, regional, and national businesses. Years of industry experience make SaveAround books the best in the business. If you’re going to give savings, don’t settle for less.
  2. Mobile App. Each book has a code to unlock a free subscription to our iOS and Android apps, full of even more deals that we couldn’t fit into the book. The same code is good for access at perksplus.savearound.com if you prefer printing your coupons!
  3. Local community. You may have seen our products through your local schools or sports teams — we’ve helped them fundraise for decades by offering a product everyone can get behind. That’s the message behind Coupons That Care: every book sale helps us further our mission of helping nonprofits raise money AND local businesses with advertising.
  4. Cost-effective. Only $20-$25 per book for more exclusive offers and promotions than you could hope to use in a year! If you somehow managed to use every coupon in the book you’d save over $5,000. Because we only feature the highest quality offers in our book, you can earn significant savings in just a few regular meals or shopping trips, likely at the same businesses you already frequent.
  5. Location-specific. Can’t decide on a gift card for a family member? We’ve all been there. Instead, just take a look at the map. From Florida to Texas to California, each of our books are fine-tuned and customized to over 170 different local markets with plenty of options in each.
  6. Simple. Our coupons have some of the highest redemption rates in the industry, meaning businesses love the SaveAround brand as much as you do. You can shop, dine and save knowing you’re helping that business succeed.

Order as late as December 15th — SaveAround books make the perfect stocking stuffer! A SaveAround book is a thoughtful yet practical way to share savings with the important people in your life.