3 Of The Best Unique Fundraising Ideas For Youth Sports Teams

Most people want to help out when it comes to sports teams. They know it takes a lot of time, money and work to successfully manage a youth sports program. When you have a unique idea to raise money, people are more likely to want to take part. 

There are about as many fundraising ideas as there are sports teams, so coming up with a unique idea isn't as easy as it may seem. From selling shirts or candy - to putting money in a jar for each point scored - good (and profitable) unique fundraising ideas are hard to come by.

Unique ideas

Giant Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament. Who hasn't experienced the rock-paper-scissors method of solving a problem? This innovative fundraiser can be lots of fun by using team members and their parents - or anyone who wants to play. It takes a little management to get the entries lined up and paid for, but it is relatively easy. The beauty of this fundraiser is that you can set your entry fee at any amount you want. Each pair gets a two out of three win and the winners keep playing until there is only one left. The winner of the entire group gets a prize and the proceeds go to the team. Add a food concession booth and maybe some team gear to sell and in one day your team can come away with a nice profit. 

Bowling for Bucks! Another fun way to make money for your team is to have a bowling fundraiser. Simply rent a group of lanes at your local bowling alley and solicit teams and sponsors. Bowling teams can consist of the sports teams, parents and coaches. Make it competitive with parents and coaches against the kids or integrate them for even more fun. You can get pledges per pin or general donations - either way, you will have some extra money in your coffers. This is a fun way for everyone who is involved with your team to get together and raise money. 

Mega-Yard Sale. You may not think this is a unique idea, but when you make it a MEGA sale it comes off as a good way to make some quick cash for your team. Advertise ahead of time and ask for donations from parents and relatives. Set up food tables to sell veggies from gardens as well as food items. Don't forget to ask local vendors to donate their wares for you to sell. Make sure items to sell are pre-marked and in good condition. 

Ask permission to use a church or school parking lot for your Mega Sale. You'll be surprised at how much money you can make - just in one day. 


Unique fundraising ideas

There are many unique fundraising ideas to help raise the money needed to finance your youth sports teams. With a little imagination, time and effort, you will have the extra money to help support the activities that are so important in order to keep kids participating in sports.